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Scope of activities:

  • sales
  • export and import of fruit and vegetables
  • logistics
  • international and domestic transport
  • marketing solutions for high quality fresh fruits and vegetables.


Purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables - With the exception of domestic production, the purchase activities are centralised. The Sales Department is responsible for purchase of fruit and vegetables. The individual purchase officers are guarantors, which means that they are in charge of purchase of certain sorts of fruit and vegetables from certain areas.

Export of fresh fruit and vegetables which are imported or from domestic production aims to these countries:

  •  Bulgaria
  •  Romania
  •  Germany
  •  Poland
  •  Slovakia
  •  Austria
  •  Slovenia
  •  Croatia
  •  Serbia
  •  Macedonia
  •  Ukraine
  •  Russian Federation

If you are interested in a quotation and you come from the listed countries, please contact our export department, which shall make a quotation of the entire range of products according to your wishes and requirements.