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Our Products

 The company imports and distributes an extensive range of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world.

ALL SEASONAL FRUITS » Orange - Clementines, Navalines, Navel, Kiwi, Pomegranates, Galia Melons, water melons, Plums peaches, nectarines, apples, Abate Fetel pears , Blanquilla Pears, Loquat, Cactus Figs,  white grapefruit, red grapefruit, Sharon fruit.

EXOTIC FRUITS » Avocados, mangos, pineapples Gold, papayas, Medjoul dates, limes, plums, Pomegranates, coconuts, kumquats, persimmons.

FRESH VEGETABLES » Colourful capsicums, cherry tomatoes on the vine, sweet potatoes, radishes, corn, celery, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin Muscat, Mini Pumpkins, fennel, radicchio, asparagus.

ORGANIC PRODUCTS » Cherry tomatoes, Medjoul dates.

OTHER PRODUCTS » Οlive Οil, Olives, Kalamon, Cheese - Feta.