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Our new company MEDIFOODS combined with our renowned companies both in food & beverage import - trade area (Thesmos Emporiki, www.thesmos.com.gr), and in the area of Consulting & Transport (Smeco, www.smeco.eu)

It aims to bring the trditional products of the Mediterranean closer to Eastern and Northern Europe.

The aim of our new company will be mainly supplied Europe`s small and medium sized businesses that do not have the means to complete cargo markets, but interested to purchase smaller quantities better prices. For this purpose , our company will utilize existing contacts in the Mediterranean countries (Spain - Italy - Greece - Albania ) to be able to achieve the best price products.

To achieve the objectives of the company will use the existing fleet of refrigerator trucks where a lower cost per week transporting goods to customers.

For the convenience of its customers regarding transactions,depending on the progress of the company will set up branches (offices) in European cities in order to simplify import procedures - remittances etc.

Vision of our new company MEDIFOODS is with the help of the customers to affirm itself as the most reliable partner of small - medium enterprises in North - East Europe , operating in the area of the Mediterranean foods.